Kimzey Software--The leader in Metal Software and Glass Software Development

ERP Software for  the raw material industries
Metaltrax--Logo for the metal service center software
Logo for glass fabrication software
logo for the structural steel fabrication software
Trax-it logo for mill test reporting software
KSS  Begins it's 10th year programming metal software and glass software

Kimzey software provides computer software development services for a variety of raw material industries which include the following products;

Metaltrax--  metal software

Glasstrax--  glass fabrication software

Fabtrax--  structural steel fabrication software

Trax-it --  mill test reporting software  . 

In addition, they provide training and consulting. Kimzey software has been developing software of the glass and metals industry for over 10 years.

Product information
Kimzey Software designs and develops products for the windows operating system using the visual basic programming language (VB6 and .net).

Metaltrax--Is a metal software package designed for Steel Service Centers. It has comprehensive inventory control, accounting, CRM, and sales order modules. It is very robust, having been on the market for almost 10 years. more info....

GlassTrax--Is a software package designed for Glass Fabrictors. It also is a complete system. It interacts with optimization packages to automate the flow of processing orders from entry to the cutting table. more info....

Product Information
Fabtrax--is a complete inventory control, accounting, sales order package for structural steel fabricators. In addition, it includes job costing and other modules designed specifically for steel fabricators. more info....

Trax-it is a scanning and retrieving system for Mill Test Reports. It allows the user to quickly and easily find, annotate, print or email reports. more info....

Call our office to request an on-line Demo. We will schedule a time when you can log onto our system and see the product in action. On-line Demos are easy to set up and are a great way to get a quick overview of the product and ask questions about specific concerns or functions. more info....

Demos of Trax-it can be downloaded from the web. Demos of Metaltrax, Glasstrax or Fabatrax will be sent out on disk.
more info...

Our products are updated frequently. As part of the team, each customer gets the benefit of all the changes made since the last update.   Existing customers can find out current version and enhancements list here. more info....

Support is available M-F from 8-5 MST. more info....